red wine glass

The perfect glass of wine is a delicate balance between taste and aroma, color and texture. It’s also an emotional experience that can be as varied and nuanced as the person who drinks it. But there are some basic principles that will help you get the most out of this exquisite beverage.

A good wine should start with the grapes used in its production: wines made from red grapes tend to have more tannins, those made from white grapes more sugar; wines made from both types of grape are often a mixture of these two attributes; but all offer a distinctive flavor profile derived from their particular terroir (the soil, climate and other factors unique to a specific vineyard). The type and quality of oak barrels used for aging can also add a distinctive flavor, as can the length of aging and other techniques.

The moment a wine lover selects a bottle to open is always special. But it becomes even more so when you appreciate these factors before you pour your glass for the first time.

1. What goes into making the perfect glass of wine?

The perfect wine is multi-faceted and personal, but there are a few things that go into making it. As outlined in the opening paragraph of this post, the grapes used for fermentation, the type of oak barrels used for aging, and the length of time spent in the barrel all affect what a person experiences when tasting their wine.

Also factor into whether …

  • November 15, 2020